The Whistleblowing Channel is available for reports about potential illicit situations related to Intesa Sanpaolo Brasil (“ISPBR”) activities.
Please read the information below carefully before submitting a report:

  • Please make your report in Portuguese or English only. Reports received in any other language will not be handled.
  • Your personal identification is not mandatory. However, if no contact details are provided, ISPBR will not be able to provide information about the conclusion of the investigations. If contact details are provided, ISPBR might contact you to obtain further information. All data received will be handled with confidentiality.
  • All the investigations will be conducted by ISPBR’s Internal Audit Department, expect if your report is related to that Department. For such cases, please select “Incident related to ISPBR Internal Audit” at section Object of the Incident.
  • This channel is intended solely for reporting of potential illicit situations – for general customer complaints, please refer to ISPBR Ombudsman (“Ouvidoria”).
  • For further details about the ISPBR Whistleblowing procedures, please refer to “link